SOIE Cosmetics is a premium line of luxury products formulated for, and designed to enhance the natural radiance and style of all women with beautiful European and Mediterranean skin tones.

Our company founders who are blessed with these same types of complexions, spent years searching for and failing to find luxury products that were both natural and tailored to the uniqueness of those skin tones.

Inspired by their desire to create a line of cosmetics that cater to that uniqueness, SOIE was created and formulated by a group of internationally renowned chemists who understand how to enhance and intensify healthy, radiant skin using only the finest natural ingredients.

In addition, our cosmetic line includes skin care cosmeceuticals to help infuse your skin with the vital nutrients it needs to remain smooth, youthful, glowing.

With so many choices and products that are so easy to apply, SOIE makes it possible to look naturally beautiful, like the women you most admire.

The result: SOIE takes the guesswork out of your color and how much you use, so you get it right… every time… every day.

This is the true secret of SOIE.