She’s a multi-dimensional woman who breathes in opportunity, bathes in truthfulness and embraces the phenomenal possibility of her own beauty. She aspires and inspires, she welcomes the confidence that comes with experience, and the experience that comes with life.


She follows fashion but isn’t a slave to it. She wears her face proudly, beautifully. She’s sexy, she wants to be more mysterious, she lives to find the perfect complement to her life, her love, her face. She works, she plays, she’s committed to love, and wants more. Always.

The SOIE Woman is willing to spend on herself, particularly for a product that will give her beauty and stature… that will entice her into romance… that will lead her to love. She wants to feel luxurious and embraced. She knows that she is beautiful and she wants others to see it.

She is the model of beauty.

She is the SOIE Woman.

She is YOU.